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Magical tax filing for artists 🪄

Welcome to the world of intelligent taxes, designed for freelance creatives.

  • File taxes in a single click
  • Eliminate surprises with monthly tax estimates
  • Catch every write-off to maximize your deductions

Our users love us! 💜

“The team provided lots of useful info tailored to creatives, answered all my questions, and helped me become much more equipped to manage my finances as an artist.”

Nimra (she/her)Painter, Artist, Community Workshop Facilitator

“Sai made my tax journey a breeze. From write-offs, filing, saving and plans for future seasons, Sai completely changed my perspective on taxes. I feel much more confident continuing on my journey as a freelance artist now!”

Tavia (they/them)Dancer, Choreographer, Movement Director

“Sai is a wonderful team and took all the stress out of filing taxes. It was a zero judgment zone and they went the extra mile to ensure I was more informed for the next year.”

Teniya (she/her)Teacher, Choreographer, Performer

How does it work? 🤔

Sign up and securely link your bank accounts 🔓

Easily connect your bank accounts and credit cards (no matter how many you have!). No confusing paperwork required.

Let Sai catch every possible business expense 🪤

No more waiting until tax season to tackle your mountain of receipts. We’ll review all of your transactions, in real time, to make sure nothing gets missed!

Check your money snapshot each month 👀

No more tax time surprises of giant bills. Sai will tell you how much to put aside for taxes every month, PLUS how much you made, how much you spent, and what you’ve got left.

File your taxes with just a couple clicks 🎉

It’s literally that easy! Our in-house accountant will review your return, ensuring audit-protection and accuracy. Our mission is to give you a safe, affordable, shame-free solution that relieves your tax stress and gives you back the time and money you deserve.