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And We’re Live In:

3… 2.. 1!

The team at Sai is proud of the product we have built together with the support and feedback from our early access members. We couldn’t have done this without your support and passion.

To make your first time using Sai as easy as possible, we’ve recorded a simple walk through of the tool, with tips on how to use it and some of the features we know you’ll love.

So grab a seat and join me as I give you the tour.

Owais, Co-Founder and CEO


Thank you to the hundreds of early access members who believed in our mission to help Canadian artists master their finances. We are thrilled to invite you to be the first to start using the Sai platform.

Our users love us! 💜

“The team provided lots of useful info tailored to creatives, answered all my questions, and helped me become much more equipped to manage my finances as an artist.”

Nimra (she/her)Painter, Artist, Community Workshop Facilitator

“Sai made my tax journey a breeze. From write-offs, filing, saving and plans for future seasons, Sai completely changed my perspective on taxes. I feel much more confident continuing on my journey as a freelance artist now!”

Tavia (they/them)Dancer, Choreographer, Movement Director

“Sai is a wonderful team and took all the stress out of filing taxes. It was a zero judgment zone and they went the extra mile to ensure I was more informed for the next year.”

Teniya (she/her)Teacher, Choreographer, Performer

Who’s behind Sai?

Sai is NOT a giant corporation! We are a Toronto-based start up with lived experience in the arts.

Am I eligible for Sai’s software?

If you are a creative freelancer in Canada then YES!! If you are a self-employed individual we’ve got your back when it comes to tax season 💸. Let’s get you sorted so you can get back to chasing your dreams! 💪🏽

Quick heads up — we’re not currently able to offer our services to Quebec residents and incorporated individuals. We know it’s not ideal, but we’re working hard to expand our reach and help everyone we can! 👊🏽 For the latest updates, make sure to follow us on social media! 📲