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Understanding Your Money Mindset 💰💭

Money can bring up all sorts of feelings rooted in family dynamics, culture, and lived experience. As self-employed artists, it’s especially important to understand where our behaviours around money came from and what purpose they serve in order to improve our money mindset.

Learning how to utilize money as a tool vs. a reflection of our morality – a thing that makes us “good” or “bad” – allows us to take a more neutral stance when we decide how we spend and save. This means that when it comes to making spending decisions, we can be strategic and objective vs. acting out of fear or scarcity. The process of unpacking how our money behaviours came to be also helps us be more generous to ourselves, and lean into the changes we want to make, without shame.

7 Q’s that can start you on your #moneyfeels journey.

You can talk through these questions with a friend or use them as little journal prompts 😌

☁️ What is your first money memory? What feelings are associated with that memory?

☁️ How did your family talk (or not!) about money? How did these conversations make you feel? If money wasn’t talked about, how did that make you feel?

☁️ What memories do you have about your parents’ behaviours around money? How do you think witnessing that may have influenced you and your financial journey?

☁️ How would you describe your current relationship to money? What feelings come up when you think about spending your money? What about when you think about saving?

☁️ Are there things you would like to change about your current relationship to money? What are they? If you made these changes, how would you feel?

☁️ When you consider the idea of having “enough” – being able to cover all your bills, take time off if you need to, enjoy a nice meal with friends – what feelings come up for you? Do you feel like you have enough now? What would you need to reach that place?

☁️ What is one thing you can begin today to create a positive change in your relationship with money?

Take your time and check-in with how your body is feeling as you go. There’s no rush and you can come back any time 💙